13therapeutics, Inc.

drugs from bugs

Pathogens such as bacteria and viruses produce large proteins that modulate the human immune response.  These proteins, after millions of years of evolution, are very effective at inhibiting the human immune inflammatory response and provide the pathogen a selective advantage during infection.  Contained within these proteins are new classes of clinical therapeutics for the treatment of human inflammatory diseases. The company has isolated, identified, characterized, optimized and patented small, active segments of these pathogen proteins, which it is developing for use as clinical therapeutics to treat human inflammatory diseases. 

The company's peptides have mechanisms of action that are distinct from steroids and NSAIDs and have potential application for treatment of both acute and chronic inflammatory diseases. These peptides affect Toll-Like Receptor (TLR) signaling and provide temporary, not permanent inhibition of multiple inflammatory mediators.  The peptides function intracellularly and inhibit the intracellular signaling of multiple TLRs.  Many of the company's peptides are capable of multiple methods of delivery, have shown serum stability, and have other desired features of clinical therapeutics.